Meet our Baked Bean Ambassadors


Beans Kuether

1) I'm a dog.

2) I like to sit in a backpack and go on bike rides.

3) I got my dog-gree from CCAD.

4) I'm Dog-rector of Puptography at an Ad Agency downtown.

5) My favorite movie is Air Bud because it shows that you don't have to stand on two legs to touch your dreams.

How have baked beans impacted your life?

I knew I wanted to get into film when I saw my idol, Duke, on the Bush's baked bean commercials for the first time. He may have only had :30 of screen time, but his acting was magnetic. The world could be exploding, but you couldn't take my eyes off the screen. When I went off to college, I dabbled in some acting; that glitz and glam of that lifestyle wasn't for me. After some rough auditions, and near giving up, I turned on the TV one night, and there was Duke again, with his baked beans. He looked happy. Hopeful. I decided then, I'd stay involved in film, exploring other avenues. I discovered my love of animation and being behind the scenes; a sometimes thankless job, but still one where I bring people joy nevertheless. Now, as I noticed more winter in my beard each day, I think I'd like to try again to get my whiskers in the spotlight, and what better way than to thank Duke for the life he gave me than by becoming a Bean-bassador?

Your favorite baked bean memory?

Last year for my birthday, my parents threw me a huge birthday party, and all of the food had beans in them. Everything was good, but mom made some baked beans that were beyond belief. I mean we're talking candied bacon, beans, some other stuff, slow cooked, the works. I still have dreams about those beans to this day.


Nolan Tybor

1) I love to go on walks.

2) I love to read.

3) My big sis makes me laugh.

4) I think a vacuum cleaner is man's greatest invention, and I laugh uncontrollably when it's being used.

5) I absolutely love baked beans! I eat so many that no one else in my family gets any.

How have baked beans impacted your life?

Well I am only 15 months old so they have been an important part of at least half my life, ever since discovering their deliciousness last winter.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

Definitely teaching my mom and dad that when I eat baked beans I need to drink lots of water as they found out the first time I had them. I got a pretty bad stomach ache that time but I still love them! Also always eating all of them off my dad's plate so he never gets to try them!

Tyler Sweeney .png

Tyler Sweeney

1) I am an EMT.

2) I have an Australian Shepard.

3) Hot Chicken gets in my belly at least 2x a week.

4) I love to fish.

5) I absolutely love beans lol

How have baked beans impacted your life?

Backed beans have impacted my life in so many ways. They make me a happier person. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and ask myself did I have beans today. When the answer is no I get sad.... Very sad): I run to the store and get beans and boom I’m happy.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

My dad teaching me “beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more your toot.”

Meera Butler.png

Meera Butler

1) I speak 4 languages

2) I’ve had a birthday in 5 different continents

3) I lived in the same building as Emma Watson

4) I love baked beans

5) I looove hot chicken

How have baked beans impacted your life?

As an English person, baked beans have always been a main food group. I eat baked beans on toast once a week, plus baked beans with baked potatoes; with sausages; burgers; even ice cream. When I was a kid, Heinz used to sell a baked bean pizza and it was delicious but sadly they stopped selling it as I guess it didn’t take off. Sad story.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

One time at work I organized a baked bean party to introduce all my American colleagues to beans on toast. It’s the best day I ever had at work and lots of my colleagues agreed even though I don’t think they eat baked beans on toast at home.

Ardie Sayoto.png

Ardie Sayoto

1) I write and record music

2) I’m a first generation Filipino

3) I am currently taking acting and modeling classes

4) I am a nationally qualified powerlifter in the USAPL

5) I am a licensed physical therapist assistant

How have baked beans impacted your life?

They’ve provided me with the nutrients that I needed to become the person I am today.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

All of them.


Kyle Whitt

1) I love power rangers.

2) I love to cook.

3) I am a full time student.

4) I mildly harass Hot Chicken Takeover on social media.


How have baked beans impacted your life?

Baked beans are simply iconic. They are enjoyed by everyone throughout the world. They exemplify what the American Melting pot is all about. Beans are cheap, reliable, and good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

Anytime I am around baked beans, I am transported back to my childhood family cookouts. Beans were a staple and they remind me of family and of love. I love beans.


Luke Quam

1) I have a dog named Maggie, and she’s the coolest.

2) Amateur gardener (peas not beans unfortunately).

3) I make a fierce bean chip dip.

4) Shook Lebron James’ giant hand once.

5) HCT is my favorite place in Columbus.

How have baked beans impacted your life?

Baked beans are my magic cure for hangovers. Feelin’ bad? Eat some beans and you’ll feel good as new.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

Driving 27 hours to Arizona for the OSU vs. Clemson Fiesta Bowl to not score a single point. Woke up the next day feeling terrible, but the baked beans I ate brought me back to life. Now I swear by baked beans as the world’s best hangover cure.

Shannan McCreary

1) I am a middle school teacher and last school year I brought in HCT ranch for my 3rd period.

2) My favorite movie is Major League. I know the movie word for word.

3) I have seen Dave Matthews band over 50 times.

4) My husband, Syd makes a mean dish of baked beans.

5) I am funny, and outgoing.

How have baked beans impacted your life?

Whenever I think of Summer cookouts, I think of baked beans. I love baked beans especially with cinnamon added to them. Nothing says more like summer to me than beans cooking in the kitchen.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

4th of July cookouts with my Gram’s beans. I love the smell and the taste. Thankfully I married a man who makes amazing beans.

Brand & Trey.png

Brandon Harmon + Trey Kauffman

1) We have a podcast (HashTag Questions) in which we answer questions from Twitter. One question was "Does the song about beans say magical or musical?" Brandon was team musical and Trey was team magical. Tensions still run high.

2) We met playing dodgeball.

3) Trey has a cat named Leo and Brandon has a dog named Sophie.

4) Trey likes bouldering, Brandon's never been to Boulder, CO.

5) Best concert we've both attended: Twenty-One Pilots at Express Live. Close second The Black Keys & Cage the Elephant at the Schott!

How have baked beans impacted your life?

We have a Pavlovian response to seek out baked beans at any barbecue event, summer picnic, or English breakfast. Its not just a good side, sometimes it's an unintended main attraction. People give you funny looks if you take too many hamburgers or ribs, but load up a plate of baked beans and the only other person that cares is the one riding home with you in the car.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

A group of us went backpacking in Zaleski State Forest. It was our first time so our packs were way to heavy so we cooked a lot of food over the fire to lighten them up. We each had a different flavor of baked beans so we ended up having a bean-a-palooza under the stars. Nothing tasted better than the beer and beans that night. Plus it made the hike out a little easier.

DeAnna Hall.png

DeAnna Hall

1) I was the first person to beat a national radio host on an over the air Pop Culture trivia contest.

2) Social work is my day job, but my dream is to be a chef.

3) Peanut butter is my blood type.

4) I'm currently in the world's longest engagement because I hate wedding planning.

5) But I'm obsessed with watching any TLC wedding show.

How have baked beans impacted your life?

I consider myself a bean connoisseur. I don't just eat any baked bean though. Baked beans need to be the right balance of sweet and savory. It doesn't need any fancy add ins, bacon and a little onion if you want to be extra. The sauce has to be the right consistency, thick, but not too thick. Definitely not runny like a soup, more like a stew. Beans are a controversial food. You know, "the more you eat, the more you...", you got it. But, I still eat beans no matter how much I am shamed for it. I need to have them at every cookout - it's the ultimate summer side dish. It's now time to end the baked beans stigma, and I think with you adding this as a side, it will get the ball rolling.

Your favorite baked bean memory?

When my dad first had us try, I remember me and my 3 other siblings were split down the middle. My older sister and younger sister hated, my brother and I LOVED them. I would get so excited whenever he made them. Now, there are only 2 of us left, my younger sister and me. So we still have 1 for each side of the fence. I am obviously on the right side of history.